Please, meet my wonderful family! After all, I wouldn’t be the Momming Worker without any of them!

Lucy is my fearless firstborn.  She was the first one to call me “mama”, one of my favorite parts of my identity.  When she’s not hanging with her friends in Junior Kindergarten, Lucy LOVES to sing and dance at home with her siblings.  Her favorite food is mac and cheese.  And her world revolves around her “dada”.  We love our “Lucy Lu”!

Teddy (short for Theodore) is equal parts funny + caring all wrapped up in a ball of true energy. His favorite funny saying is “boogie nothing” which literally means zero things but makes him (and us) laugh so hard when he says it.  When he’s not making us laugh, he loves running around, playing with his toys.  (Most of which end up in his bed each night).  He LOVES his apple juice and apple cider and has yet to meet a vegetable he doesn’t like! He gave our nanny, JL, her nickname of “JWow” when he had a hard time saying his Ls. The name has obviously stuck and we will not call her anything but JWow for eternity.


Lottie is our youngest tiny human!  She joined the family in March 2019 and has made her presence known ever since.  Being the youngest of the bunch, this little lady has NO problem standing her own.  Her favorite foods include popsicles and pickles. We love the energy and spunk that she brings to our lives each day!


Chris, my husband and father to my three tiny humans, is often times the one making it all work “behind the scenes”.  When he’s not making funny videos or taking picture perfect snapshots of the family, he is working full time as a Producer and Editor.  Chris is a sports fanatic (originally from Wisconsin, a proud “Cheesehead”) and has yet to meet a fast food chain he doesn’t love.  We have known each other for almost 20 years and have been married for 11 of them.  I don’t think I have stopped laughing since I met him I’m so grateful that I have such a caring, funny partner in this journey of parenting.


JL (or “JWow” as mentioned above) is our nanny and the wonderful sixth member of our family.  I simply could not be a successful working mother without her.  She brings a sense of calm, kindness and adventure to our family that we all absolutely adore.  Any working parent wants to make sure that their children are being cared for and having fun in the healthiest environment possible.  Of course I wish it could be me with them – but if it can’t be, I am forever grateful they’re with “JWow”.  One of her friends put it best, saying she is like “sunshine in human form”.  We love our JWow!

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