Daycare teacher gifts – tips & recommendations!

I’m not sure about you – but every year, I struggle a bit (ok A LOT) with what holidays gifts to buy for our day care/ preschool teachers and caregivers. I mean – how exactly does one go about wrapping up one million dollars that you don’t have as well as endless amounts of gratitude? Does it all fit in one box? These are true heroes – who, in my eyes, have the most important job in the WORLD, taking care of and nurturing our tiny humans throughout the day.

I was having a chat with our nanny this morning, who used to work in a day care, to ask her for the real “scoop” on what teachers enjoy the most around the holidays in terms of gifts. She gave a few great ideas to those who are struggling!:

  • Her favorite gift ever received? A scarf! She still wears it to this day
  • What about gift cards? Yes – teachers love gift cards – consider giving one to a local store/ restaurant/ coffee shop in the neighborhood near the day care/ school
  • Anything to avoid giving?: Teachers are always grateful for any gift … one note might be to avoid giving something that requires “work” (I’m looking at you, plant with specific instructions on when to be planted in the spring when the sun is at a 45 degree angle in the sky).
  • She also said that in places where you have a lot of “co-teachers” who support throughout the day, cookie platters, coffee carafes, etc. are always welcomed!

In addition to the gift ideas though, I want to tell you all her MOST important message. Although “everyone is different”, she said that you would be surprised how far a small written note of “thanks” goes amongst the teachers. In days of hurried drop offs and pick-ups, often times with emotional toddlers at your hip, or distracted minds thinking about what to make for dinner, this now makes sense to me. My husband and I talk ALL the time at home or when the kiddos are sleeping about how much we LOVE and appreciate our caregivers – but how often are we given the chance to tell them? So this was a great reflection for me to make it a point to accompany the “gift” with a note of thanks and #gratitude for all they do for our children. And PS this mug is sold out. I already checked.

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