Toddler Truth Tellers

We recently returned from our summer vacation on Cape Cod. The weather was beautiful – and HOT. This means lots of pool and beach time … which, in turn, meant wearing a bathing suit. This was my first appearance in a bathing suit since having my almost four month old, Lottie. And as a woman with three kiddos under the age of four, let’s just say I’m not winning any bikini contests.

I’m currently at my heaviest weight – something I really struggle with, but have a plan in place to address in a healthy, yet deliberate way. Putting on a bathing suit was literally the very last thing I wanted to do. (I mean it would be up there with stabbing myself in the eye with a fork?) But I also wanted to make memories with my children – especially Lucy, almost four, who is extremely impressionable. To be honest, I was a little nervous what SHE might say when she saw my body for the first time in my black and white one piece. Toddlers are brutal truth tellers, amirite?

So on one particularly hot day of vacation, I donned the dreaded bathing suit and then went into her room to get her dressed. When I entered her room, Lucy looked at my bathing suit and then up to me, pausing for a minute. (“Here it comes!” I thought “My brutal truth teller!”) And then she said, “You look so pretty, mama!” I felt a lump in my throat, I smiled, and said thank you. Then we proceeded to laugh at how cold the spray on suntan lotion felt on our skin. It was one of my favorite memories of vacation – and I was in my bathing suit. 

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