Out of office inspiration

This. This is an out of office that I received after I sent a follow-up work email to someone I barely knew. It was from May, but the experience has remained on my mind and heart since. See … this woman? She’s a fellow working mama, like me, balancing her passion for HR with her critical role as mama for tiny humans. We had had a networking call a few weeks prior; chatting about HR best practice sharing at both of our respective companies. It was a friendly call and I enjoyed the chat. When I got this out of office as a result of a follow up email I had promised her … I felt a HUGE smile come across my face.

This out of office was SO REFRESHING! For a working mama to be so transparent, open and honest about the “other (home) life” that many of our clients and leaders might not see. I was inspired. I immediately sent her a note to tell her how much I loved it. That honesty. That vulnerability. She sent me a sweet note back – and we shared a non spoken mama “you got this” vibe via email. Because we “got this”, working parents. Day by day. Sickness by sickness. And brutally honest out of office message by message. We. got. this.

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