One wo(man) suitcase band

This is me from our trip to California – a literal one (wo)man band of suitcases, car seats and babies walking through the Boston and Sacramento airports. What you don’t see is my husband, Chris, behind the camera, balancing another child and push cart of approximately 62 bags (#becausesnacks). Seeing us coming must have been quite the scene … people stared with disbelief, laughed, and some gave us knowing nods like “we’ve been there”. One woman even said to us, “if I had an extra hand I would give it to you!”

Some people question the need to travel with babies/ toddlers when they are “too young to remember” the adventures. But to them, I would say that Chris and I will remember the adventures – and our memories of the family are just as important. One day when we are older and going on a kids free vacation (so circa 2090?) I’m sure we will see a younger version of us in the airport, moms and dads strapped with bags and babies on their body and looks of stress on their face. We will smile and nod to them too. (And probably actually give them a hand or buy their coffees). Remembering when we were in their shoes, making vacation memories with our babies. For now though, please pass the wine. 😬

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