The root cause wasn’t KFC …

A year ago I was sitting in a hospital bed like this one, having just welcomed our little Teddy into our lives. I would have never thought if you fast forwarded a year, we would be back in the hospital, but this time the patient would be my husband Chris, wearing a similar gorgeous “johnny”.

His symptoms from the week included a persistent fever and pain in a place where the sun don’t shine. All week, we troubleshooted together in an incredibly intelligent way like any non doctors would do: “Are you sitting too long on those hard dining room chairs we have?” … “Did you accidentally sit on one of Lucy’s calico critters?” … “Too much KFC?” … Shockingly none of these questions resulted in credible answers. So after a follow-up visit to urgent care and a potential diagnosis from a doctor (who literally wore spelunking headgear with a light during the examination) Chris was sent to the ER and ultimately admitted to the hospital.

He had surgery this morning and we are currently waiting to be discharged. I will spare the medical details (#becausebutts) – other than saying he is going to be ok. And for that, I am so thankful. Because for approximately 18 hours, I didn’t know if he was going to be ok. And that scared me to death. My mind escalated to all of those dreaded, dark and secret corners of any mind that are reserved for 3am sleepless nights. I also started to shake my fists at the universe for the last 8 months where as if everywhere we turn, the luck of the Irish seems to be very far from this Irish-Korean household.

But a dear friend recently reminded me of a thoughtful exercise some people do in the morning to start the day on a positive note. These organized unicorns have a leather bound journal near their keurig where they most likely use (in my mind) a large feather quilled pen to write down things they are thankful for while sipping quietly on their coffee. Although I don’t envision myself doing this everyday, I do appreciate the sentiment of gratitude behind this practice. So today I am grateful for my husband (and what I hope will be a quick recovery), my children, and my “village” (family and friends) near and far. And might I add … I would also have been just the tiiiiiiiniest bit extra thankful if KFC had been the root cause! 

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