No … this IS my munchkin

She’s so cute!” … I smile back at the Dunkin’ Donuts worker, offering a universal nonverbal “thank you”. We both turn to look at Lucy who is grinning to herself, proudly sitting on the counter, her pigtails swaying as she kicks her feet back and forth.  After all, she is about to get a “doh-dee”. We always have a snack waiting for her in the car when we pick her up from day care, but today I was running late from meetings and forgot to come with Princess Lucy’s feast. So we venture to the magical land of donuts after pick up because I know that would make her happy and how could I deprive her from a snack for the incredibly lengthy two minute drive home? And I want her to be happy. I am most happy when she is. Isn’t that how all moms are? That’s what I am thinking as I look down with pride, smiling at my little Lucy in her puffy pink coat. I also am thinking that one of the times that she’s happiest is when she’s eating. Which made me laugh because THAT sounds familiar! I am lost in all of these thoughts when I realize the cashier is asking me a question. I look up, still smiling, and the woman repeats it again. “Are you the nanny?” The words are like a punch to the gut. I feel my smile start to fade a bit while I try cheerily explain that this is my daughter.  The woman isn’t satisfied with this answer so she asks again in a more creative way, “Are you the babysitter?” At this point I can feel my cheeks flush and I explain that my husband is Asian, while quickly asking Lucy to, “Tell the nice woman what you’d like to order”. At that point, she could have asked for 106 gold dusted cronuts and I wouldn’t have heard her. I knew this moment would happen one day. And it will happen again. And maybe when it happens again, my heart and mind will be more prepared. I just didn’t expect it to hurt like it did. And I didn’t expect it to happen at Dunkin’ Donuts. Yet here we are. Cross it off the life list I guess. And for those of you wondering … Lucy ordered four chocolate munchkins. They were free.

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