The greatest date … that never happened

Tonight was going to be the second overnight away for me and Chris since Lucy was born. (Yes for those math majors out there … that’s 27 months). I made three beauty appointments today because after all … despite being together for 16 years, having added 14 wrinkles to my face and (cough cough) pounds to my body from baby weight … I still wanted to look good for my hubby on our date night! Fast forward two hours after picking up Lucy from day care … and we find ourselves sitting in the doctor’s office listening to a doctor tell us she might have pneumonia.

We go back tomorrow to have the poor little sick lady checked out. But as I sat in that examination room with my fabulous blowout, full makeup and sweatpants on with Lucy cuddled up on my lap, I looked at Chris and thought to myself: this is why it’s so important to marry someone who is truly in it for better or for worse. Our date night is obviously postponed. Possibly to 2020. But here we are. On our couch. In our pjs. And still loving each other and now our children (in sickness and in health) – 16 years and several wrinkles and pounds later.

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