9-1-1, what’s my emergency? …

What do you wonder when you see an ambulance fly by? For me – I always say a quick prayer while wondering three things: who is in the back, what is their story and are they going to be ok. On December 2nd, I was left wondering only the last point as our ambulance raced toward Boston with our little Teddy as the passenger in the back. He had fallen and hit his head very badly which left him lethargic and unrecognizable. Chris and I felt as if our fate was in the hands of the grid-locked drivers parked on route 9 who I was mentally willing out of the way. We made it to the hospital and the ER team quickly sprung into action. Several tests, scans and X-rays were ordered and as we waited, Teddy slowly became himself again. After what felt like two years, we received the results that showed he has a slight skull fracture and “tiny bleeding”. This sounds catastrophic to the ears of any parents, but apparently will heal on its own.

We stayed at the hospital for observation. Never have I been more grateful for doctors in this world, especially those at Boston Children’s Hospital. And I literally want to thank the amazing team of officers and paramedics from the Needham, MA Police Department everyday for the rest of our lives for being there in a moment that two helpless, panicked parents never thought they would find themselves in. And whether you are a parent or not, I hope none of you have to experience what Chris and I felt yesterday. All I know is that I will keep saying prayers every time I see an ambulance and might encourage you all to do the same. Because our prayers were answered on that day.


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